Corporate structuring

We know that advice can be sound and practical, and still be innovative.

Our corporate advisory and structuring services provide valuable insights into structuring options with a view to enhance stakeholders' value to organizations all over the world. Our teams have country, market and sector knowledge, combined with specialist technical experience, offering you the right mix of technical, commercial and operational experience for your unique situation. We offer solutions in the areas of capital market consulting, corporate structuring / restructuring, business structuring, structuring inbound and outbound investments, etc.

How we can help:

Capital market consulting - Structuring of your organisation as a preparatory step towards accessing capital markets and assistance in accessing the capital market and in determining the suitable financial instrument.
Corporate structuring - For specific businesses, new projects and expansions by ensuring effective management of:
     o Local regulations impacting businesses / projects.
     o Tax efficiency for both direct and indirect taxes.
     o Corporate laws.
     o Foreign Exchange Management regulations.
Transaction advisory services - including advice and assistance in implementation for specific needs such as spin-offs, amalgamations / mergers, demergers, acquisitions, slump sale, etc.
Financial advisory services related to:
     o Debt and equity financing.
     o Refinancing.
     o Profit optimisation strategies.
     o Acquisition and re-organization analysis.
     o Initial public offerings, follow-on public offerings and private placements.
     o Delisting of shares from stock exchanges for listed companies.
Financial resource mobilization plans.
Advice on technical and financial collaborations - including advising on technical know-how collaborations, joint ventures, royalty and licensing agreements and obtaining approvals of Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB) and other government agencies.
Company formation.