General Data Protection Regulation - GDPR

The EU GPDR is one of the most significant changes in data privacy regulation in past 20 years. It is imperative for organizations handling personal data of EU citizens to have a GDPR compliant systems and processes.

Our GDPR experts can help identify the impact of the GDPR requirements on your operations and will deliver transformation programs to achieve compliance and generate business benefits.

Lemon has an holistic three steps approach to manage GDPR compliance:

    • Assess legal compliance
    • Identify necessary changes to IT
    • Govern

Assess legal compliance

Our team will assess the personal data being used by you and check how it impacts on your structure and processes. We will perform a thorough review of underlying agreements for consent forms, also assure if the right agreements are in place between your company and your partner companies.

Identify necessary changes to IT

The second step is the identification of all vital changes to IT. Our team will perform an overall mapping of relevant areas regarding GDPR. Our experts will compare your IT-governance with best practice and international standards and can create an action plan for compliance.


Our experts will help you with the right foundations for setting up a governance structure with principles, processes and systems that supports GDPR compliance. We will make sure that the data can only be accessed by those with proper rights based on the nature of the data.

Our services include:
    • Application assessment for GDPR
    • GDPR readiness assessment
    • GDPR compliance testing
    • GDPR data discovery services
    • GDPR data mapping and data inventory services
    • Penetration testing services for the GDPR
    • Vulnerability testing services