Industry 4.0

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is an ongoing transformation of traditional manufacturing and industrial practises combined with the latest smart technology. We bring to you a complete bouquet of such solutions in form of Lean Manufacturing Excellence Consulting, Process Simulation & Optimization Software, Robotic Process Automation, IOT-Analytics solutions and Robots.

Oracle 12c forms and reports, Oracle 19c database, MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc with key modules as under-

  • 1. Lean Manufacturing Excellence Consulting : It is a systematic approach to critically analyze the processes and operations of an enterprise with the objective of finding inefficiencies, wastes and high costs with a view to reduce or eliminate them and improve quality, lead times and customer satisfaction using various tools and techniques such as Value Stream Mapping, establishing Pull Systems, TPS, TQM, 5S, Theory of Constraints, Kaizen etc. The service focuses on delivering tangible benefits of 10~20X plus on the fees charged and more importantly, creating sustainable ‚Äúcompetitive edge" for organizations.
  • 2. Process Simulation & Optimization Software Maven : It simulates the operating processes of the organization using data such as process flowchart, standard time, skills required and process controls to build a simulated flow showing bottlenecks, excess resources, opportunities for right sizing, critical patch and other analytics that can help in reducing manpower cost and optimizing lead times.
  • 3. Robotic Process Automation :Creating automated BOTs to do repetitive tasks which takes a lot of time when done manually. Such BOTs can efficiently do the work in fraction of a time and in an error free manner compared to manual work done by humans. So whether it is data entry or reconciliations, BOTs can substantially improve the efficiencies and lower the costs.
  • 4. Robots : Manufacturers around the world are turning to robots for automation to help solve labor shortages, increase productivity and improve product quality. Collaborative robots (Cobots) provide a cost-effective, flexible, and safe automation solution for a wide range of production tasks.
  • 5. IOT & Analytics : Connecting various devises, equipment, machines and computers in the factory to generate analytics for decision making is a key feature of Industry 4.0. With IOT, cloud and artificial intelligence, a lot of process controls can happen easily.

All these and more customized solutions can transform the way in which you manage your manufacturing or service operations. Efficiency is no longer a choice in this increasingly globalized and competitive world.