Standard operating procedures documentation

How we can help:

We review our client’s operations with a view to understand their processes, controls, identify gaps and suggest solutions to formalize the processes and related controls. The typical contents of our SOP Manual would cover:

Overview of business process cycle.
MIS requirements.
Organization structure of each functional department.
Basic statutory compliance checklist.
Overview of roles and functions of each department.
Forms to be used by the departments.
Internal and external policies and best practices to be adopted by the department.
Processes and internal control procedures to be followed by various departments.
Authorization procedures for various processes, transactions and documents.

Additionally, it will help you as under:

Brings about clarity on the way organizations and its various departments/processes function.
Provides an opportunity for review of internal control mechanism and identifying gaps in internal controls.
Facilitates building up strong Information Technology (IT) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems.
Opportunity for benchmarking against good prevalent practices in the industry.
Standardization of systems and procedures, documentation, MIS, etc. across the organization.
Enables effective corporate governance practices to enhance management’s contribution.
Provides an effective tool for management control.