AccuSoft TM Enterprise

AccuSoftTM Enterprise is a Windows based user-friendly system that handles Financial Accounting, Import / Export, Bank Finance, Diamond Stock & Assets tracking using barcode. It is available in single-user and multi-user versions. AccuSoftTM Enterprise does not require the user to learn a new accounting method. Instead, it just automates the existing double entry system resulting in much faster speed, greater accuracy and instant retrieval of information. It supports multi currencies. Further the option to classify the account heads, items, and assets tracking gives more flexibility to organize data, to keep track of the outstanding and to exercise better control over individual transactions and budgets.

AccuSoftTM Enterprise gives you total control over every single aspect of the program and therefore can be configured to work identical to your existing accounting system. On-line help is provided in a very simple language for the user to understand each and every feature and option. Besides all these,

AccuSoftTM Enterprise operate on fourth generation language of PL/SQL with Developer 2000 6i as a Front End and Oracle 9i as Back End.

Functions / Modules / Features
  • Supports Financial and Calendar Year

    Accounts can be maintained financial & calendar year wise through AccuSoftTM Enterprise. The user of the AccuSoftTM Enterprise can pass entries financial year wise except the closing entries required to be in calendar year.

  • Supports Dual Currency

    AccuSoftTM Enterprise supports duel currency for Import / Export & Bank Finance to manage PCFC and PSCFC loan accounts; it also handles DDA and EEFC dollar A/c

    • Accounts
    • Import   Exports
    • Bank Finance
    • Diamond Inventory
    • Assets Management
  • Access Controls

    AccuSoftTM Enterprise incorporates stringent multi level access controls thereby giving the management complete control over activities of each and every user access rights are password protected at various levels such as:

    • Company level
    • Menu level
    • Form level
    • Control level
  • Account Merging across multiple companies

    AccuSoftTM Enterprise provides a unique feature of reporting wherein the cumulative status of multiple accounts across multiple companies can be viewed as a single report.

  • Account Module consists of the following functionalities
    • Multi Company & Multi User
    • Support Auto Email & SMS
    • Easy Export to Excel & PDF of misc. reports on demand
    • Auto Exchange Difference Calculation
    • Cost Center Bifurcation and its Reports
    • Petty Cash Mgmt, Ratio Analysis, Trend Analysis
    • Un-Secure Loan Management
    • Fixed Deposit Management
    • Expense Bill Booking & Payment
  • Import / Export & Bank Finance Module consists of the following functionalities
    • Finance Limit Utilization & Management for PC,PCFC, PSC, PSCFC
    • Daily COD Rate Management
    • LIBOR Rate Management
    • Remittance against Imports
    • Realization against Exports
    • PSC Finance & PSC in Foreign Currency(Bill Discounting)
    • PSCFC Overdue Loan Crystallization
    • Adjustment of PC, PCFC, PSC, PSCFC Finance
    • Fund Transfer to DDA, EEFC A/c
    • Loan request for PC & PCFC and PSC & PSCFC
    • Nationalization of PCFC or PSCFC Finance
    • Repayment of PC Finance & Repayment of PCFC through DA & EEFC A/c
    • Bank Limit Reports/Daily Capacity Reports
    • Projected Balance Sheet, Auto Balance Sheet
    • Clearing & Forwarding
    • Separate VAT Payment & Receipt
    • Manages Import/Export, Local Sale/Purchase, Broker Parties etc..
    • Manages H Form/C Form
    • Manages Deemed Export, Bonded Import and Bonded Export
    • Manages Booking of Clearing Forwarding Bills, Consignment Issue/Return, Credit Note/Debit
    • Manages & Keeps Track on Foreign Expense traveling i.e. ticket booking, cancellation, advance to personnel & actual expenses
    • Generates Exports Documents like Export Invoice, GR Form, Bank Certificate, Bank Collection Letter, Box Cover, Packing List, Draft Printing, Annexure A
    • Packing Credit Finance & Packing Credit in Foreign Currency Finance
    • Year wise Growth Comparison
    • Set-Off Transaction for Import & Export
    • Asset Depreciation Chart, Asset Tracking movement
    • Group Advance Adjustment against Import & Export
    • Periodic Comparison reports for Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss A/c, Trading A/c and Trial Balance
    • Import/Export Turn over Country, Party, Item or Bank wise
    • Diamond Stock Management as per requirement
    • Various Graphical Analytical Reports
    • Integration with Diamond Manufacturing System : DiaSoftTM
    • Integration with Payroll Solution: PaySoftTM
    • Integration with Sales & Global Inventory Solution: SGI-DiaSoft
    • Extended Security Features