Sales & Global Inventory Management

About SGI-DiaSoft

SGI-DiaSoft is a Sales & Global Inventory Package for maintaining and tracking Polish Diamond inventory for both single stones and bulk parcels. At any level of transaction like Inward, Grading, Mixing, Certification of the stone, memo, recut memo and sales, the valuation of the stock can be known through the system. Pricing of each stone is auto calculated at each stage based on the current price list in the system and the discount master settings. Inventory tracking can also be in a multi company and multi location structure.

Functions / Modules / Features

  •    • Stone and Parameter Tracking

    Entire history of a stone can be tracked with the help of this functionality. Firstly it shows inward detail and then various transaction carried out on it are shown in Stone Transfer Detail panel with listing of everything.

  •    • Stone Search

    Stone searching can be done based on various filters. The entire stock list is searched for the required stone and a detailed listing of all the parameters of the stone is done.

  •    • Cart

    This screen is also meant for searching stones to know its current status. This is an important screen from where stones can be reserved, can be set on hold or can be blocked.

  •    • Stone Price Tracking

    At any stage of the stone, its price can be tracked. Along with the date and user name it shows when the stone rate, base discount and base rate were changed or updated.

  •    • Stock Transfer (Single)

    There is a facility to transfer stone(s) from one department to another. Based on the master settings stock is auto transferred to whomsoever is next in the loop.

  •    • RFID tag Reader

    RFID tags are the unique identity of each stone in the application. The RFID tag readers are accessible at a network level and are not associated with a single system. Smart tracker application has to be kept on for network level access.

  •    • Stock Tally

    At the end of the day, physical and software stock tally is done. All the RFID tagged stones are scanned in the RFID reader by putting them in a tray so that both the physical and software tally process is done.

  •    • Stone Search in Box through RFID

    If a stone is to be searched in the box or tray but the user or employee is unable to locate the same or find it in box then this functionality is very useful.’

  •    • Hit Aging Percentage

    How old is the stone is defined by the aging of the stone. Age of a stone has direct impact on its price. The more the age of the stone, the less is its price and vice versa. This functionality does the needful by giving the age of the stone and prompting its price.

  •    • Lot and Packet Tracking

    Bulk tracking is possible through this functionality. Specific packet can also be searched or whole lot can also be tracked. Whole history is shown here. From which packet, the current packet was split and finally what is its current packet number can be known.

  •    • Stock Search Engine Bulk

    Current status wise searching of packets is the functionality of this screen. Various filtration options are given here like – department, box name, lotno, shape, size, color and clarity.

  •    • Stock Transfer (Bulk)

    Inter departmental and Intra departmental stock transfer is one of the functionality of the application. In case of bulk if bulk stock is transferred then new packet number will not be generated. It will remain the same as the old packet number. It is also possible to transfer stock by parts. If part transfer is done then new packet number will be generated for the transferred stock.

  •    • Projected Production (Single and Bulk)

    On this screen special lots are selected and saved so that its estimation can be known from report. Special Rough Carats and Projected Production Rough Carats are entered on this screen at time of making special lot active. This ratio of Special Rough Carats / Projected Production Rough Carats will be useful in report to predict future production of the company.

  •    • Integration with Web Portal

    SGI-DiaSoft can be directly integrated with a company’s online web portal and it facilitates automatic upload of the entire stock list of the company on their web portal. On the single click of a button the stock list is directly uploaded on the web portal, for it to have exposure on the web space.

  •    • Auto Mail Services

    There are certain mails like sales data, data of current stock list to regular customers, stock tally data with manufacturing units etc. which are to be sent on a frequent basis. With SGI-DiaSoft the company has to just schedule such mails once, with their content and relevant attachments, and the mails will be automatically sent to the desired recipients on the scheduled date and time without any human intervention.

  •    • Suggestive Stone Categorization Module

    This module facilitates the company to know which stones can be categorized as bulk stones and which can be categorized as single stones based on multiple criteria of categorization like diamond parameters, periodic sales, and current orders on hand and price that the stones will yield in either case. This categorization is totally suggested by the system and this tool aids the company in decision making.

  •    • Sales & Inventory Analysis Tool

    This dynamic sales and inventory analysis tool gives all the analytical reports related to sales and inventory information of the company. This is a very strong and informative tool which aids the company in all their strategic decision making activities.

  •    • Dashboards

    Dashboards have the ability to convert all the raw data into meaningful information and represent it to the user in the form of graphs or charts. Dashboards are an integral part of SGI-DiaSoft that give meaningful information to the middle level management and senior level management on a daily basis.