About iDiasoft

iDiaSoft is a B2B web sales portal where online purchasing of diamonds is done. With this online sales application, diamond companies have the facility to showcase all their polished diamonds in the global space. Here, business customers can view all the uploaded stock with all its details, can form discussion boards and offer their prices for the stones which they intend to purchase.

Functions / Modules / Features

• B2B solution for online Diamond Sales • View images and certification details
• Multi Company - Multi Location • View Search results in user friendly format
• Interactive Customer Interface
• Track & control your stock across the globe
• Inventory management and online search for:
o High Value stones
o Fancy stones
o Paired stones
o Parcels
• Search Inventory through:
o Simple Search
o Advance Search
o Parcel Search
o Pair Search


About mDiasoft

mDiaSoft offers iDiaSoft, Lemon’s B2B Web Sales Solution, on mobile. All the eminent key features of iDiaSoft are given in mDiaSoft for the users to have accessibility anywhere, anytime from their mobile device.

Functions / Modules / Features

• Inventory management from your mobile                      • Buy Request and view purchase request
• Easy availability of stock of polished diamonds globally                      • Customer Preferences
• Handles Single & Parcel stones                      • Integration with SGI-DiaSoft
• Inventory Search for colorless as well as fancy stones.                      • View Cart for Saved Search
• Stone Details availability                      • Auto RAP Update
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